Tequila Barro Negro at Guadalajara jalisco
• Tequila Barro Negro.•

Fusion of quality, taste and tradition

Afterwards, in order to produce a higher quality, the Tequila is kept in white oak barrels to rest and mature, the duration of which depends on the level of maturity desired..

Rested tequila Barro Negro
white tequila Barro Negro

“Tequila Barro Negro 100% mexican export,
Flavored...a feeling”

Making Tequila begins with the Agave plantations( Tequila Exporter ). These agave plants are grown in clay soil, in a semi-dry climate. Every year the agave fields are plowed and the agave leaves pruned. These plants mature between 7 to 10 years.

Tequila Barro Negro 100% mexican export

Golden Tequila, enjoy it straight and with good company.

Tequila aged and extra aged 100% mexican export.

High quality Tequila.