Tequila Barro Negro

Tequila Barro Negro at Guadalajara jalisco

Tequila Reposado

Rested Tequila

After resting in barrels for 1 year this tequila has a soft golden color, while its flavor has a hint of oak. This is an ideal Tequila to drink straight even though it mixes well. We recommend this Tequila to be enjoyed with any red meat dish.

Tequila Blanco

White Tequila

This young Tequila is ready to drink straight from the distillation process and rests in barrels without maturing. Young Tequila is ideal for preparing cocktails and perfect as a compliment to light meals.

Tequila extra añejo

Extra Aged Tequila

This Premium Tequila from the Barro Negro family matures in white oak barrels for 3 years. It boasts a deep amber color and a flavor just right for drinking straight.

Tequila añejo

Aged Tequila

Aged Tequila matures for 2 years in white oak barrels. Its color ranges from a vibrant gold to a dark amber, while the taste has a strong woody flavor. Recommended to be enjoyed with strong flavors or desserts.

“Tequila 100% mexican sport”

A Tequila ideal to toast any special occasion.